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Student Data Business Terms

How do we define a ‘student cohort’ at the UW? How do we define ‘underrepresented minority’?  What majors or degrees count as ‘STEM’?  The task of defining these student data business terms falls to the Student Data Stewardship Committee, a sub-committee of the Data Management Council, with input from the Student Data Council.  The Registrar, as the custodian of student data, gives final approval for student data business terms.

For a list of currently defined terms, visit the Student Data Glossary

EDW Table and Field Definitions

Additional information regarding SDB data, including table and field definitions, can be found in Knowledge Navigator, which is maintained by a consortium of University partners.

How to Use SDB Screens

The SDB Screen Manual provides information about the meaning of the SDB input screens and directions as to their use.  If you are looking for information on how to use the SDB system, please refer to the Registrar’s Help Center: