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Academic record SRF301
Academic summary SRF310
ACT scores SRF507
Addresses SRF305
Adds and drops, history SRF120,100A
Admission deficiencies SRF306, 506
Admission index SRF306
Advanced math test scores SRF507
Alumnus, child of SRF505
AP credit SRF320
AP scores SRF507
Applicant inquiry SRF505
Applicant Locator SRF500
Applicant prior schools SRF508
Appointment for registration (new st) SRF505
Area of knowledge SRF204, 206
Arts deficiency SRF306, 506
Backdated drops, adds SRF120
Birth date SRF305
Campus of admission SRF506
Changes, future SRF611
Chemistry placement test scores SRF507
Child of alumnus SRF505
Class list SRF130
Class schedule SRF100, 100A
Closed classes SRF203
Colleges, previous SRF325
Comments (registration restrictions) SRF204
Courses, transfer SRF330
Credit, transfer SRF325, 330
Credit-by-examination SRF320
DARS requirement designations SRF330
Declared majors/minors SRF305
Deficiencies, admission SRF306, 506
Degrees audit SRF390
Degrees earned SRF335
Denied admission, reasons SRF505
Denies (for closed courses) SRF203
Department registration SRF104
Designating V, I, NW, W, C SRF330
Diagnostic test SRF305, 506
Directory release, yes or no, FERPA SRF305
Drops and adds, history or SRF100A,120
Email address SRF305
Emergency contact SRF305
English composition courses SRF204, 206
ESL requirement SRF305, 506
Expiration of premajors extension SRF310
Extended premajors, expiration SRF310
Extension credit SRF320
Fee paid (new student) SRF505
FERPA release SRF305
Final quarter attended SRF305
Fine arts deficiency SRF306, 506
Foreign language in high school SRF306, 506
Foreign language test scores SRF507
French placement test scores SRF507
Future control field inquiry SRF611
General education courses SRf204, 206
German placement test scores SRF507
GPA SRF301, 310
Grades SRF301, 100A
Graduation petitions approved SRF310
Graduation, degrees SRF335
High school background SRF306, 506
Hold update SRF630, 305
IB credit SRF320
Instructor SRF204
Intermediate algebra test scores SRF507
International student information SRF505
Japanese placement test scores SRF507
Last quarter attended SRF305, 500
Local address SRF305
Major requested (by new student) SRF505
Major, change of SRF611
Mathematics in high school SRF306, 506
Minors declared SRF305
Math Lang Tests scores SRF306, 506,507
Open courses SRF203, 206
Orientation date (new student) SRF505
Over riding registration restrictions SRF104
Permanent Address SRF305
Phone numbers SRF305
Placement test scores SRF507
Posting V, I, NW, W, C SRF330
Pre calculus test scores SRF507
Premajors extension expiration SRF310
Pre-requisites, overriding SRF104
Previous colleges SRF325
Prior schools, transcripts received SRF508
Professor SRF204
Proficiency tests passed SRF506
Q/SR courses SRf204, 206
Registration appointment (new std) SRF505
Registration hold SRF630
Registration restrictions SRF204, 236
Registration transactions SRF120, 100A
Registration SRF104
Release of information, yes/no FERPA SRF305
Restrictions, registration SRF204, 236
S/NS (grades in S/NS courses*) SRF100A
SAT scores SRF507
Schedule of classes SRF100, 100A
Section status SRF204
Space available SRF203 F7
Spanish placement test scores SRF507
Student data SRF305
Student directory release FERPA SRF305
Student locator SRF500
Student number SRF500
Summary, academic SRF310
Test scores SRF507
Time schedule inquiry SRF203 F7
TOEFL test scores SRF306,506,507
Transactions, registration SRF120
Transcript comments SRF310
Transcript holds SRF630
Transcripts summary SRF310
Transcripts received SRF508
Transcripts SRF301
Transfer courses SRF330
Transfer credits received SRF508
Transfer summary SRF325
Transfer X credits SRF330
W courses SRF204, 206
Withdrawal, annual drop SRF100, 100A
Withdrawn courses SRF203
Drop Codes SRF245