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SDB Tips

Screen Numbering

The numbering of SDB screens corresponds to their functionality.

  • 100 screens: Registration screens
  • 200 screens: Time schedule/ course information screens
  • 300 screens: Student record screens
  • 400 screens: Grades screens
  • 500 screens: Admissions screens
  • 600 screens: Administrative screens

Keyboard tips

  • Type the code for the desired screen in the upper left-hand corner. Use the HOME key to automatically place the cursor in the upper left-hand corner.
  • To SEND a command, use the “outside” ENTER key to the right of the number keypad. For computers without a second ENTER key, use SHIFT-ENTER to send a command.
  • To move the cursor down the left margin, use the “inside” ENTER to the right of the letters on the keyboard.
  • To move from field to field on the screen, use TAB.
  • To move backwards from field to field, use SHIFT-TAB.
  • To move backwards from screen to screen (that is, backwards in the alphabet) in the Student Locator, SRF500, type two dashes where one would enter a student name, then SEND.
  • To move the cursor from the upper left corner to the lower right, use HOME and then SHIFT-TAB.

SRT (T for Transfer)

  • To access a different screen for the same student, use SRT (T for transfer) instead of SRF.
  • To access a screen for a student whose student number is unknown, search with the Student Locator Screen (SRF500). TAB once, which should move the cursor to the lower right corner. Type in the number to the left of the student’s name in the list (#1-15). SEND the command. This will navigate to the SRF305 screen for the student. From here, SRT to the desired screen.
  • Users can also transfer from SRF204 (Section Status Inquiry) to SRF130 (Class List). From SRF204, request SRT130.

Miscellaneous commands

  • For a menu of important screens, type HELPSI in the upper left-hand corner.
  • To keep the SDB from timing out, HOME and then type .MENU (period, then “menu”). Space-bar to get rid of any other text on the line and SEND. This takes you back to the “Main Menu” screen where you type “SDB” to get into the Student Database. It won’t time out from there, and you can downsize it until you need it again. Warning: don’t leave the SDB this way if unauthorized persons have access to your computer.

Opening multiple SDB screens

  • You can open any number of Student Database screens with one Entrust token, as long as you use a different number from your Entrust token for each screen. For example, you might want to look at a student’s schedule with one SDB screen while looking up courses on another SDB screen. If you have two screens open, you won’t have to keep typing in the student number to get back to the student’s schedule.You can also use one Entrust token to set up the Student Database on more than one computer, although this should not be done on a regular basis. Anyone regularly using the SDB should have their own Entrust token.

SRF104 — Student Registration

  • To waive a registration restriction (such as “seniors only”), type an X in the override field.
  • To waive a prerequisite, type a P in the override field. If you use this screen to register a student for a course with cancellation (or if you give the student an entry code), cancellation will not apply to the student.
  • If the computer rejects your attempt to register the student and returns with the message that there is no space in the course, even though the course still looks open, check the room limit. Sometimes courses are moved to smaller rooms. The computer won’t accept any registration over 115% of room capacity.
  • If a course has been dropped from a student’s schedule and then added again, it will have an “A” in the DUP column. To drop this course using the 104 screen, you must enter the A in the request, in the DUP field preceding the field where you enter the sln.

Cutting and Pasting

  • You can copy information on an SDB screen and paste it into a Word document, an e-mail, etc. With the mouse, click and drag over the text you want to copy. Either right-click on the text and EDIT – COPY, or use the EDIT – COPY commands at the top of the screen. Then open the file where you want to put the text and paste it.

Useful Screens

Use these screens to access commonly used functions in SDB:

  • SRF104: Departmental Registration
  • SRF325/330: Transfer Summary/Courses
  • SRF335: UW Degrees
  • SRF630: Hold Update
  • SRF203: Time Schedule Inquiry. This information is also found in the online Time Schedule.

How would you find…?

Consider the following scenario: Student leaves message requesting your assistance and only leaves his/her name with no phone, email or student number.

  • Question: How do you locate the student’s contact information? Answer: SRF500: LAST,FIRST
  • Question: Does the student authorize release of directory information? Answer: SRF305
  • Question: What is the student registered for in the current quarter and how did the student register for those classes? Answer: SRF120 and 100, 100A
  • Question: What is the student’s cumulative GPA? Answer: SRT310, 301
  • Question: How would you use SDB to find an instructor/TA for a course the student completed in a previous quarter. Answer: SRF120, 100 to find SLN of course) Use SRF204 by entering the SLN and the quarter/year.