UW Student Data

Student Systems

If you are requesting a data set from any of the following University systems, Academic Data Management requires you complete and return the List Use and Computer Data Confidentiality Agreement.


The UW Student Data Base (SDB), also known as Keynes, is a university-wide system for managing student records and student data. If you are new to the Student Database, please visit the Registrar’s Help Center to learn about available training options, and your responsibilities regarding confidentiality and FERPA.

To request access to SDB screens, fill out the appropriate form for your campus :


The Electronic Academic Records System (EARS), is a web-based graphical system that allows UW advisers and other departmental staff to access student record information such as student demographics, academics data, directory information, holds, and transcript information. The systems also allows for the recording of advising notes for student records.

Who uses it? UW advisers and other departmental staff that require access to official student record information.

Requesting Access For administrative access to EARS, please download, complete, and submit the EARS_Access_Request. Obtain the appropriate signatures, and forward the form to ADM, Box 355850 or fax 206-685-3660.

To request adviser access to EARS, please contact advice@uw.edu

UWSDBDataStore in EDW

The University of Washington Student Data Base DataStore (UWSDBDataStore) is a database within the Enterprise Data WArehouse (EDW), that contains twice-daily updated snapshots of student data. UWSDB is accessed using query tools such as Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL Server or presented in the form of web-based reports with customizable parameters. Learn more about EDW please visit Enterprise Data & Analytics website.

Who uses it? The UWSDBDatastore is used by UW analysts, researchers and other departmental personnel to run reports, create reports and generate ad hoc queries using stored academic data to assist in strategic planning and analysis.

Requesting Access Access to the UWSDBDataStore requires contacting UW’s Decision Support Services who maintain the Enterprise Data Warehouse.  Please follow the instructions to Request Access to Run Reports and Query Data.

UW Directories

Requesting Access For access to UW Directories, please complete the UW_Directories_student_access_request.

Person Directory
The UW Person Registry is a service for UW application developers to retrieve information about a person’s UW affiliations, gathered and reconciled from multiple sources. Person Registry allows access to data such as affiliate’s first and last name, box number, student or employee status, home budget number, and college. Person Registry data originates from various sources: HEPPS, Student database, Alumni database, Auxiliary Validation File (AVF), and Clinician table with new population sources being added ongoing. Queries may be based on UW NetID, RegID, employee id, student number or other source system IDs.

Groups Directory
The UW Groups service provides infrastructure for defining, maintaining, and using “groups”, i.e. named objects with membership lists and standard attributes known collectively as group “metadata”. Group memberships can consist of people, computers, and other groups. Other kinds of principals are possible too.

Student Web Services

The Student Web Service (SWS) gives your application programmatic real-time access to information in the Student database such as course data, registration data, section data, person data, and term data (general academic data). Learn more about UW Web Services

Who uses it? Student Web Services is used by application developers for tools such as Catalyst Gradebook and the UW iPhone app to access a subset of real-time institutional data for use in these applications.

For more information on how to use and configure SWS please read through Getting Access to SWS as well as additional information on the  UW Web Service Registry site.