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Student Data @ UW

With over 50,000 students attending our three campuses every quarter, there is a great wealth of student data at the University of Washington.  It can be difficult to fully grasp how this data is entered, organized, and accessed.  Below is a summary of key processes, systems and actors that interact with the UW Student Data Base (SDB).

Data Input Systems Primary Users Type of Data
Admission Systems Admissions Several systems – see UWIT wiki
Keynes Enrollment Management (Admissions, Registrars Offices, Student Financial Aid) Student demographics, admissions status, curriculum and courses, time schedule, course registrations, transcripts, degrees, and awards, holds, honors, student accounts, and financial aid
EARS Advisors Advising Notes
MyGrad Graduate School Graduate admission applications, degree coding, graduate degree requests and awards, DARS exceptions
Data Processing System Owners Type of Data
UWSDB Student Information Systems, UW IT SDB student record
Data Warehousing System Owners Type of Data
Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) / UWSDBDataStore UW IT  Student record


Data Outputs Authors/Owner Type of Data
Operational Reports
BI Portal
Academic Data Management Office (ADMO)Enterprise Data & Analytics (EDA) Latest data
Analytical Reports
UW Profiles
BI Portal
Institutional Analysis
Enterprise Data & Analytics
Trend data
Student Web Service UW Application Developers
MyPlan UW IT
Data Definitions Primary Contributors
UWSDB Warehouse Definitions hosted by College of Engineering Data Resources
SDB Glossary List Consortium of University partners
Business Terms metadata Respository IA, ADMO, Student Data Council, EDA
SDB Code Manual ADMO

How Can I Learn More About Student Data

Join the Student Data Council!

In the fall of 2014, the Student Data Council was established to bring together individuals across the university who work with student data in order to foster learning and communication as well as establish standards for student data definitions and reporting.

To stay informed on the Council’s work subscribe to the student-data mailman list, meeting announcements and other Student Data Council information will be distributed through the list.